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Síoraí: visualising the words of James Fintan Lalor today

Síoraí: visualising the words of James Fintan Lalor today, by Brendon Deacy

Museum of Australian Democracy Eureka
Ballarat, Victoria

8 July - 22 August

As part of its 2016 programme Culture Ireland is supporting the exhibition of 'Síoraí: visualising the words of James Fintan Lalor today' by artist Brendon Deacy. This exhibition presents James Fintan Lalor’s words juxtaposed with depictions of present-day Ireland to emphasise Lalor's contemporary relevance. These ten iconic works, commissioned by Laois County Council in 2014 use oil paint mixed with debris from Tenakill House where Lalor was born thus forging a metaphysical link between the work and the man.

Brendon Deacy's paintings, prints, drawings and photographs are inspired by the human effects of culture, history and politics. His work is held in notable public and private collections in Australia, Europe, UK and USA.

The venue stands on the site of the Eureka Stockade, an event that shaped Australian democracy, which was lead by James Fintan Lalor's brother Peter.

James Fintan Lalor (1807-49) patriot, land agitator and political activist, was born in Queen’s County (now Laois) in the early Nineteenth Century. Although his impact on events in his lifetime was limited, his writings exerted a seminal influence on later Irish nationalist leaders such as Michael Davitt, James Connolly, P.H. Pearse, Arthur Griffith and Eamon De Valera.