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'The Shadow of a Gunman' by Sean O'Casey

Foundry Theatre presents 'The Shadow of a Gunman’ by Sean O'Casey

Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre, South Brisbane
8 – 9 April 2016

The Embassy of Ireland is delighted to support Foundry Theatre’s production of Sean O’Casey’s ‘The Shadow of a Gunman’.

Donal Davoren is a weary young poet trying his best to find the hidden beauty in a world disrupted by warfare and nightmarish dreams of independence. Longing for a nationalist hero, his fellow tenement-dwellers mistake Davoren for an IRA gunman. His romantic attachment to this idea brings tragedy to his doorstep, and his poetic ideals come face to face with the brutality of real life. O’Casey’s classic play deals with the rhetoric and dangers of patriotism, the abject poverty of tenement life, the weight of self-deception and, ultimately, the cost of survival.

Further information and bookings available on the Foundry Theatre website.