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'Visions Past and Present' Seminar

'Visions Past and Present' Seminar

Australian Irish Heritage Association WA
Notre Dame University of Australia
Fremantle, WA
16 - 17 July

The Embassy of Ireland is delighted to partner with the Australian Irish Heritage Association WA in organising a seminar to commemorate the Easter Rising.

The Seminar will cover 2 days and aims to facilitate a greater understanding of the effects of 1916 Rebellion, the role of women, and the contribution of the Irish to Western Australia.

There will be 4 sessions per day based upon the following themes:

• The historical content of the 1916 Rebellion from the formation of the Irish Republican Brotherhood to the end of the Civil War.

• The Ireland that we dreamed of – Eamon De Valera’s vision of Ireland. Can we reconcile this vision with today’s Ireland?

• ‘United’ Ireland today. Wherefore the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland; what are the consequences for the future of this division?

• The Irish in Western Australia – a proud history in many areas which mirrors Irish achievements across the world.

• Our Irish Proclamation specifically mentions women, unlike many other Constitutions worldwide. What part did women play before, during and after 1916?