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'Yet no clear fact to be discerned': NZ response to Rising

'Yet no clear fact to be discerned': the New Zealand response to the 1916 Easter Rising

22 - 23 March 2016

The Embassy of Ireland is delighted to support a two-day conference organised by the Centre of Irish and Scottish Studies and Toitu Settlers Museum that brings together local and international experts to begin telling the story of New Zealand’s response to the Easter Rising.

As early as 1989 Joe Lee noted in 'Ireland 1912 – 1985: Politics and Society' with reference to Irish press and community responses to the Easter Rising that ‘much probing local research is required to establish a more precise chronology and archaeology of public sentiment’.

Though a considerable amount of research on Irish and English sentiment has been undertaken, the precise chronology and archaeology of sentiment in the diaspora remains largely unknown. This conference aims to tell the story of New Zealand engagement with the Rising.

Further information will be available from Irish Studies at the University of Otago []