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Consular Fees

The following is a list of fees charged for Consular Services carried out by the Embassy of Ireland. For further details on these services, please check the relevant section of our website.

Fees payable by:

Canadian bank draft, money order, certified cheque payable to Embassy of Ireland in Canadian Dollars. Euro not accepted. 

Credit card: please include the name on card, card number, and expiry date. Please do not include the three or four digit security code.

Debit cards are not accepted.

Return of original documents:

Standard registered mail (within Canada): 

The fee to return your documents by standard registered mail is included in your passport application fee.  For all other services, please include a $15 postage fee. Should you prefer courier or Xpresspost, please include a prepaid self-addressed waybill/envelope with your application.

All applications from Jamaica and the Bahamas:

Please include a prepaid self-addressed courier waybill with your application or submit credit card details so you may be charged the international courier fees, which may be $100 or more.


5 YR PP Age 3-18 years - $70.00 CAD     

10 YR PP Age 18 and over - $140 CAD   

10 YR Large PP (66 Pages) Age 18 and over - $180 CAD   

(plus return fee or pre-paid trackable envelope)

Visa fees

Standard non-refundable visa application processing fees:

Single Journey - $100.00
Multiple Journey - $165.00
Transit - $35

Some applicants are exempt from the requirement to pay the visa fee. Check whether the visa fee does not apply to you. You still need to pay the return postage or courier fee.

Legalisation of Canadian documents or certified copies of Irish documents

$55 CAD per document

Certificate of Freedom to Marry (Certificate de Coutume/Nulla Osta)

Please note we have now moved to online payments for applications for a Certificate of Freedom to Marry. Payment is made by debit/credit card as part of the online application process.  Please have your debit/credit card details and all the required supporting documents ready before you begin your application.

Per Irish applicant:                  €60

Non- refundable postage and handling fee:  €6

Total per Irish applicant: €66

Late fee

If you submit your application 28 days or less before the date of your intended marriage you’ll have to pay an additional fee of €60 per Irish applicant