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Please be advised that the Embassy of Ireland, Canada website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Embassy website is now available at Ireland.ie/ottawa.

Visa Processing at the Embassy of Ireland - Information and Updates

*Visa applicants can expect to receive a decision on their visa application within 8 weeks from the date the application and supporting documents are received at the Embassy.*

Processing times for visa applications are dependent on the amount of applications currently in queue. To help avoid delays in processing, please ensure you submit a complete application.

For full details on how to apply for a visa, documents required, and all other visa information, please visit www.irishimigration.ie.


Applications are processed by date received at the Embassy and cannot be expedited.1

  • Travel dates are taken into consideration, however, the Embassy cannot guarantee that a decision will be made by the intended travel date if less than the required processing time is given.

Due to the volume of applications received, the Embassy cannot confirm receipt of applications.

  • Please refer to you postal/courier tracking number for delivery confirmation.

The Embassy does not provide status updates.

  • Applicants will be contacted once a decision has been made on their application.

Incomplete applications will be refused.

Please ensure you allow enough time for your visa application to be processed.



  • Single Journey - $100 CAD.
  • Multiple Journey - $165 CAD.
  • Transit - $35 CAD.
  • Applicants should include a prepaid, self-addressed courier waybill or Xpresspost envelope with their application for return of original documents. Otherwise, an additional fee for return courier will need to be paid.
    • Within Canada - $60.
    • International - $150.

Proof of Payment

  • Payment can be made by including credit card details with an application (name on card, card number, and expiry date). Alternatively, payment can be made via bank draft or money order made payable to the Embassy of Ireland (in CAD).


*The below documents are commonly omitted from applications. Please ensure they are included with all other required documents.*


  • Any movement of funds (incoming or outgoing) greater than or equal to $1000 CAD should include a note about what the transaction was.
    • i.e. - transfer to savings, credit card payment, payrool, mortgage or rent payment, etc.

Proof of Travel/Medical Insurance

  • The Embassy requires proof of travel/medical insurance showing coverage for your time in Ireland.


All visa applications should be sent to

Embassy of Ireland

130 Albert Street

Suite 1105

Ottawa, ON

K1P 5G4


For emergency visa applications, please contact us directly so that we can guide you through the application process and advise how to submit your documentation.

Whether you need a visa to travel to Ireland depends on what country you're from. Visit the Irish Immigration Service Travel Path for more information regarding your personal requirements for travelling to Ireland.

Information on visa requirements for transiting through Ireland is available here

Please note that Ireland is not party to the Schengen Agreement, and a Schengen visa or residence permit does not entitle you to travel to Ireland without a visa.

Unless you qualify for the Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme or the British Irish Visa Scheme a valid UK visa does not entitle you to travel to Ireland without a visa. Further information on these schemes is available on the website of the Irish Immigration Service.

Note: A visa allows you to travel to Ireland only. It does not give you permission to enter the country or to stay here. An immigration officer at border control can refuse entry even if you have a visa.



If you're a citizen of a non-EEA country, whether you need a visa or not, you will be subject to immigration control when you enter Ireland.

Full information on the different types of visas, required documentation, and how to apply can be found on the website of the Irish Immigration Service

Information on applying for a short-stay (less than 90 days) tourist visa is available here.

Information on coming to work in Ireland is available here.

Information on coming to study in Ireland is available here.

Information on coming to join family in Ireland is available here.

If your visa application is refused, you will receive a letter from the visa office telling you why it has been refused and if you can appeal the decision.

Further information on appealing visa decisions is available on the website of the Irish Immigration Service

All appeals are handled directly by the Irish Immigration Service

You need to:

  1. Complete the online application form 

This will generate an application summary form and declaration at the end, which you must print, sign and date.

  1. Gather your supporting documentation, passport photograph and fee.
  2. Submit your application

To complete the process, you must submit your passport and supporting documents for processing. Where you submit your application depends on where you are living. The summary application form will direct you to the relevant Embassy, Consulate or Visa Application Centre.

Check the website of the relevant Embassy or Consulate for further information on how to submit your application for processing

If you applied at an Embassy or Consulate, they will contact you once a decision on the visa application has been made.

If you applied directly to an Irish Immigration Service Visa Office or if your application was referred to the Irish Immigration Service for a decision, you can check the Irish Immigration Service Visa Decision Weekly Listing using your reference number.

Further information on what to expect on arrival in Ireland can be found on the website of the Irish Immigration Service.

Information on entry for EU/EEA and Swiss nationals is available here

Information on entry for non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals is available here.

Information on travelling with children is available here.

Information on transiting through Ireland is available here.

Check the website of the Irish Immigration Servicefor information on preclearance and entry visa fees, including information on visa fee exemptions.

You can also contact your local Embassy or Consulate for more details on fees and payment methods

Payment Details

We accept the following forms of payment:

Canadian Bank Draft, Money Order, or Certified Cheque - Payable to 'Embassy of Ireland' in Canadian Dollars

Euro and personal cheques are not accepted.

Credit Card

Please include the name on the card, the card number, and the expiry day. Please do not include the three or four digit security code.

Debit cards are not accepted.

Visa Fees:

$100 – Single Journey

$165 – Multiple Journey

Return of Passport and Original Documents

Within Canada:

Please include a prepaid self-addressed Xpresspost envelope or courier waybill. If no prepaid self-address Xpresspost envelope or courier waybill is include, you will be charged the current rate for FedEx.

Outside of Canada (Jamaica or Bahamas):

Please include a prepaid self-addressed courier waybill with your application. If no prepaid self-addressed courier waybill is submitted, you will be charged the current rate for FedEx international courier.

Important Information

There is a separate application process for Working Holiday Programme visas. Working Holiday schemes are for use by young people who are citizens of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand who wish to stay in Ireland for an extended holiday and wish to work in order to fund their stay.