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Please be advised that the Embassy of Ireland, Canada website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Embassy website is now available at Ireland.ie/ottawa.

I need to travel urgently, what can I do?

Expedited Application

The express service is not offered through the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa.

Applications can only be prioritised in the case of a genuine travel emergency, made necessary by the death, illness or welfare of a family member. Full details including verifiable proof of emergency and details of travel must be submitted.

If you are faced with a genuine travel emergency, please contact the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa.

Emergency Travel Document

If you have lost your passport while visiting Canada, Jamaica or the Bahamas, you may qualify for a one-way Emergency Travel Document to return to Ireland.

If you are a resident of Canada, Jamaica or the Bahamas, and have lost your passport in your country of residence, you do not qualify for an Emergency Travel Document, and must apply for a passport.

Please note that the following documentation will be required for an Emergency Travel Document to be issued to an eligible applicant:

  • Fee of $ 50 CAD (Credit card, Canadian bank draft, money order, certified cheque: payable to Embassy of Ireland in Canadian Dollars. Euro not accepted.)
  • Photo ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of citizenship, if born outside Ireland or in Ireland after 2005
  • Passport application form
  • Two passport photos

If you meet the aforementioned criteria and require an Emergency Travel Document, please contact the Embassy of Ireland in Ottawa.