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Ambassador Daniel Mulhall's Blog 2017

August 2017

A farewell message to the Irish community in Britain

21 August 2017

A message from Ambassador Dan Mulhall and his wife Greta on their departure from London.

July 2017

Francis Ledwidge, 1887-31 July 1917

28 July 2017

Francis Ledwidge, poet, Irish nationalist and First World War combatant, was once described by Seamus Heaney as 'our dead enigma' on account of the seeming contradictions surrounding his life as an Irish nationalist and his death as a British solider.

June 2017

A Farewell to London

29 June 2017

Here is a version of remarks I made at a farewell function at which I was saying goodbye to the Embassy's political and media contacts. I am due to leave London on 22 August when I will transfer to Washington to serve as Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States.

Willie Redmond, 1861-1917

06 June 2017

1917 was an awful year for the leader of the Irish Party, John Redmond. The year began with Ireland still feeling the after-effects of a troubled 1916 when the Easter Rising and the execution of its leaders began the transformation of Irish politics, posing an obvious threat to the ascendancy of Redmond and his party.

May 2017

Acts of respectful, inclusive remembering

30 May 2017

Some weeks back, my wife, Greta, and I had the pleasure of accompanying the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall during their visit to Ireland. It was our second time being in Ireland with Their Royal Highnesses, having been in Clare, Galway and Sligo with them in 2015.

April 2017

Why I remain convinced of the value of EU membership

28 April 2017

I gave a talk to a London audience during the week on the subject of Ireland, the UK and the EU. In my remarks, I explained the positive impact four decades of EU membership has had on Ireland's relations with our nearest neighbours and explored the challenges the UK's departure from the EU will pose for Ireland.

The UK and the EU

My reflections on how Ireland's relationship with the UK has been strengthened by decades of cooperation at an EU level and what the last few weeks mean for the UK's future engagement with both Ireland and the EU.

March 2017

Irish-Scottish Relations past, present and future

23 March 2017

It is always a pleasure to be back in Scotland again and I am delighted to speak at Edinburgh's Festival of Ireland

February 2017

Three great Irish parliamentarians: O'Connell, Parnell and Redmond

24 February 2017

The Irish author and lawyer, Charles Lysaght, came to the Embassy recently to deliver our 3rd annual Daniel O'Connell lecture and to talk about his book, Great Irish Lives, a collection of Irish obituaries from The Times. The book's subjects range from the leading 18th century Irish parliamentarian, Henry Grattan, to the wonderful Terry Wogan, who died in 2016.  

The implications for Ireland and the Irish in Britain of the UK's decision to leave the EU

20 February 2017

I spoke recently at the London Irish Centre in Camden at an event organised for the purpose of engaging with the Irish community on the implications of the UK's decision to leave the European Union. Here is the gist of what I said on that occasion.

January 2017

Dr Thomas Hussey, an Irish Bishop and a Spanish diplomat in London

19 January 2017

A retired civil servant from our Department of Finance in Dublin, Liam Murphy, who like me is a native of Waterford, recently sent me a copy of a biography he has published on The Life of Dr Thomas Hussey, 1746-1803, Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, who as it happens spent a good part of his life in London. 

Tweets that rhyme (sometimes!)

03 January 2017

I started tweeting poetry on a daily basis in 2015 to mark the 150th birthday of our greatest English language poet, William Butler Yeats (1865-1939). It was an enjoyable experience.