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Living in Luxembourg

Each Irish citizen with a valid passport can live in Luxembourg for a period up to 3 months. To stay longer, he has to prove that he has an employment contract or an independent job, an adequate income and medical insurance, or justify a regular inscription in a public or private institution. 

You should be aware that whilst you are in Luxembourg you are legally obliged to carry photographic identification with you at all times.


Welcome to Luxembourg (Information leaflet for EU citizens)

Just arrived

Moving to Luxembourg

Citoyens –

AngloINFO Luxembourg

Just Landed Luxembourg

Newcomers to Luxembourg must declare their arrival within 8 days to their local "Administration Communale".

If you choose to live in Luxembourg City, you must go to the "Bierger-Center” of the “Ville de Luxembourg":

Contact details for each of the other towns' "Administrations Communales" are available on:

  • All other "Administrations Communales"

You should contact the appropriate "Administration Communale" direct to find out their opening hours and what documents you will need to present.

If you are looking for accommodation in Luxembourg you may wish to consult some of the following websites, the local press and/or an estate agent (details of which can be found in the telephone directories)

Websites - Housing

Websites - Local Press (Housing)

Students and stagiaires may also be eligible to apply for accommodation at the "Wunnraum fir Stagiairen" organisation. 

General information


Students and stagiaires may be eligible to apply for accommodation at the "Wunnraum fir Stagiairen" organisation. 

The Embassy of Ireland is not in a position to recommend any lawyers and/or notaries. Lists of lawyers/notaries are available at

Driving Licence\Car Registration: &

It is advisable to travel with vehicle registration documents to prove you are the legal owner of the vehicle you are driving. Failure to do so could lead to the police confiscating and impounding your vehicle as well as imposing fines. You must have your passport with you for identification at all times.

Automobile Club (Breakdown assistance)

“Code de la Route” (Luxembourg traffic laws)

There is no local daily newspaper in English.

City Magazine Luxembourg is a free bilingual (French/English) monthly newspaper issued by Luxembourg City. It is available in various stores, tourist offices and bars or by subscription.

Delano is a monthly magazine featuring business and local news for the international community in Luxembourg. Available at newsstands, by subscription, or online.

Online media in English for Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg and international news
  • Delano: Business and local news as well as articles on lifestyle and culture
  • Luxembourg, international, business and community news

Daily Newspapers in Luxembourg (French and German language)

Local News in Luxembourg

Weekly Newspapers/Magazines in Luxembourg   (French and German language) 

Local Radio Stations in Luxembourg

English language

  • Radio Ara City 103.3 FM and 105.2 FM from 6 am. to 2 pm.
    Monday to Friday at various times during the weekend

Luxemburgish (local) language

Local Television Stations in Luxembourg

English language

There is no local English speaking TV Station in Luxembourg

Luxemburgish and French language

  • RTL Télé Luxembourg
    DVB-T Frequences: Channel 7: 191.5 MHz;
    Channel 24: 498 MHz; Channel 27: 522 MHz
    or by satellite Astra 23.5°E [12168V, 27500, 3/4]

(News in French in the evening every day)