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Ireland-Poland Relations

Partnership between Ireland and Poland is enriched by deep economic and people-to-people ties, and shared membership of the European Union.

Irish-Polish relations are dynamic and growing.

Economic links are expanding. Trade between Ireland and Poland was worth over €3 billion in 2015 and grows by around 15% every year. Connectivity is excellent, with over 60 flights each week between Ireland and Poland.

The Polish community in Ireland (around 150,000 people) plays an important role in bringing our countries closer together. The community is celebrated in the annual Polska Éire Festival, with events organised throughout Ireland.

Ireland and Poland are close partners in the EU. Ireland was a strong advocate of Poland’s EU membership and gave support to Poland as it prepared to join the Union. Irish and Polish Ministers meet regularly to discuss EU and bilateral issues.

There is a vibrant Irish community in Poland. The Irish-Polish Chamber of Commerce fosters Irish-Polish business relations and organises Irish community events. Cumann Warszawa, the first Gaelic Football Club in Poland, has won pan-European Gaelic Football championships. The Embassy’s initiative to connect Polish friends of Ireland, Network Irlandii, brings together Poles who have lived, worked or studied in Ireland.

There is strong interest in Irish music, dance and literature in Poland. The Irish Cultural Foundation promotes Irish culture throughout Poland, while the Irish language is taught at three Polish universities: in Lublin, Poznan and Szczecin.

There are strong sporting ties. Over 30,000 Irish fans visited Poland for the 2012 Euro championships, where they received a warm welcome and were named the number one fans by Poles during the tournament. Ireland has played football with Poland more often than with any other country.

The infographic below has more information on the relationship between Ireland and Poland.

Ireland-Poland Relations