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St Patrick's Day 2020 Global Greening Belgium

St Patricks Day 2020 A Global Celebration Newsletter Header

Our Global Greenings Newsletter is available here.

The Embassy of Ireland is proud to participate, with our Tourism Ireland colleagues, in the Global Greening initiative and we're looking forward to seeing Belgian icons and landmarks turn green, thanks to Belgian authorities, friends of Ireland and Irish in Belgium.

Tourism Ireland's Global Greening initiative sees famous attractions and sites around the world go green to mark St Patrick’s Day. The full Global Greening line-up is available here.

2020 Greenings in Belgium

Greening of the Smurf statue, Brussels

17/03/2020 20:00

The Smurfs were created by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford, who wrote under the pseudonym Peyo, and have long held the status of cultural icons in Belgium.

The Smurf Statue is located in front of the Museum of Original Figurines next to Horta Gallery at Brussels Central Station. The statue is almost 5 metres tall and weighs 10 tons.

We’re thrilled that this legendary Bruxellois has agreed to make his greening debut, as part of the Tourism Ireland Global Greening 2020, with thanks to Visit Brussels.

Dressing of the Manneken Pis, Brussels

15/03/2020 (costume unveiling) & 17/03/2020 (09:00-16:00)

The Manneken-Pis is one of Europe’s most visited statues and recently celebrated his 400th birthday. A Belgian national treasure, Manneken-Pis can be seen dressed in traditional Irish clothing as part of Tourism Ireland's Global Greening on 15 & 17 March.

Members of the Irish community and all those wishing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day are invited to join in the festivities as the Irish outfit is officially unveiled at 16:30 on Sunday 15 March. The outfit will be unveiled in the presence of the Ambassador Helena Nolan and the President of the Order of the Friends of the Manneken-Pis. A visiting piper from the Irish Defence Forces will also be present.

Greening of The Hotel, Brussels


Towering high above the Brussels skyline and located in the heart of the fashion district just minutes from the historic Grand Place, The Hotel is an iconic building offering spectacular views of the city. This year, The Hotel will be illuminated green for the first time as part of Tourism Ireland's Global Greening.

St. Patrick's Day Lunch Menu at The Hotel

A special St. Patrick’s Day business lunch menu will be available at The Restaurant (at The Hotel) on Tuesday 17 March, prepared by The Hotel's renowned culinary director Pierre Balthazar.


Tartare Duo: Irish beef and Dublin Bay langoustines
Irish lamb stew / Burnt leek
Revisited Irish coffee

Visit The Restaurant to make your reservation.

Greening of BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels


BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts Brussels is a cultural mecca and architectural masterpiece created by Victor Horta. Opened in 1928, this palace of the arts combines three concert halls, exhibition spaces, cinema and lecture rooms.

Located in the Mont des Arts, Belgium’s most visited cultural destination will be turning green on St Patrick's Day as part of the Global Greening.

Greening of the City Hall, Brussels


On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, Brussels City Hall will once again be lit in green as part of Tourism Ireland's Global Greening.

This gothic building from the Middle Ages is located in the heart of the historical centre at Grand Place, a UNESCO's World Heritage Site.

The building is the jewel of Brussels' architectural heritage and is currently home to the Tourist Office. (More info)

Greening of City Hall & Burg Square, Brugge/Bruges


Featuring a variety of building from the Gothic, Renaissance and Neo-Classicist eras, the Burg Square in Bruges is a location steeped in history. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Bruges City Council has decided that City Hall and the Burg Square, one of Belgium's two Medieval squares, will turn green as part of Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening, in partnership with the Embassy of Ireland to the Kingdom of Belgium. (more here)

Greening of Charles de Gaulle Bridge and Saxophones, Dinant


The Charles de Gaulle Bridge makes its Global Greening debut in 2020. The bridge crosses the River Meuse and serves as a gateway to the beautiful Walloon city of Dinant. In 2010, 28 saxophones were placed along the bridge as a tribute to each member of the European Union in the city that is the birthplace of saxophone inventor Adolph Sax. (Location)

Greening of the Celtic Cross, Fontenoy 

13/03/2020 - 18/03/2020

The Celtic Cross in Fontenoy was erected in 1907 to commemorate the famous Battle of Fontenoy in 1745.

The cross stands as a memorial to all the Irish who lost their lives in the battle. The Celtic Cross will be illuminated green for the third time as part of the Tourism Ireland Global Greening 2020 from Friday 13 March. (Location)

Greening of the Irish College Leuven


The Irish College Leuven is an international centre for education, training and research. The monastery style building is located in the heart of Leuven. 

The Irish College has been a centre for learning since its foundation in 1607 by Irish Franciscan Florence Conry and can be seen illuminated green on Sunday 15 March.

Greening of the Beffroi / Belfry, Mons

17/03/2020 & 18/03/2020

Built between 1661 and 1672 by Louis Ledoux, le beffroi is an important landmark and a proud symbol of Mons identity. The Belfry will once again be illuminated as part of the 2020 Global Greening. Listed by UNESCO in 1999, it is the only baroque belfry still in existence.

This fabulous structure accommodates an interpretive centre enabling visitors to enjoy panoramic views. Members of the public can see the Belfry in Mons go green for 2 nights from St. Patrick’s Day. Learn more about Mons Belfry here.

Greening of the Lille Gate, Ieper / Ypres

13/03/2020 – 18/03/2020

The Lille Gate was the original southern gateway to Ieper and one of several entrances into the old fortified city. It was the only one to survive the bombardment of World War I and has been preserved thereafter. The Burgundian towers stand next to the bridge, the 14th century lock room and Gatekeeper's house. (Location)

Greening of the Provinciehuis Antwerpen 


The Provincial Government Building in Antwerp is an eye-catching new addition to the Global Greening lineup.

This 58 metre tall 14 story building with unique triangular windows only came into use in 2018 and achieves the feat of casting no shadows upon the adjacent buildings owing to the twist structure in its design. It will go green on St. Patrick's Day as part of the Global Greening. (Location)

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