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Irish Culture, Heritage and Community

By working with the Irish community in Canada to showcase Ireland’s rich cultural heritage we can reap long-term benefits for Ireland’s reputation and its relationship with the people of Canada, and enhance the way people view our country.

Olympia Theatre Dame street Dublin

Our culture

Ireland’s culture is a unique national strength, which defines us on the world stage and is a source of particularly strong links between Canada and Ireland. It's one of our greatest competitive advantages, acting as a "door opener" that converts into jobs, trade, investment and tourism. It’s also our most effective way of connecting with the Irish community.

What we do

We're involved in a broad range of cultural activities, which raise awareness of Ireland and also enhance our ties with Canada. We promote cultural relations through a number of initiatives. For example, the Embassy supports a range of cultural initiatives throughout the year, through collaboration with other groups, in music, the spoken word and design. For more information on the cultural events being supported by the Embassy see our news and events page.

If you have an event or project you would like to tell us about, contact us and mark your email for the attention of the Cultural Officer.

We work with the following organisations to promote Irish arts and artists overseas: 

Culture Ireland operates a range of funding programmes to support and promote the presentation of Irish arts worldwide.

The Irish Film Institute works with over 100 exhibition partners in 50 countries annually to develop a global audience for Irish film culture.

The Ireland Literature Exchange is the national organisation for the international promotion of Irish literature, in English and Irish.

Cultural exhibitions

The Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland supports a number of travelling exhibitions on the lives and works of notable Irish cultural figures, including James Joyce, William Butler Yeats and Samuel Beckett. If you are interested in working with us to display one of these exhibitions in a suitable space, for example a community hall or public library, please contact us.

Our engagement with Irish communities abroad

  • the Emigrant Support Programme supports Irish communities overseas by funding non-profit organisations and projects.
  • the Global Irish Network is made up of over 300 of the most influential Irish and Irish-connected people abroad. It serves as an additional resource for the Government and state agencies in support of Ireland’s economic, cultural and tourism objectives in key markets.
  • the Presidential Distinguished Service Awards recognise the service given to Ireland or to Irish communities abroad by those who live outside Ireland.
  • Global Irish website
  • Global Irish: Ireland’s Diaspora Policy

Get involved in Irish community activities

Over the years, generations of Irish people have made invaluable contributions to all aspects of life in their new homes, in politics, arts, heritage, business and sports, as well as in supporting members of their community.

Find an Irish community organisation, activity or festival near you.

Irish Studies

The quality and breadth of academic research in Canada in the field of Irish Studies is impressive.

Learn more about Ireland

If you want to learn more about Ireland, you can read Ireland in Brief.

Our commitment

We are committed to strengthening our relationship with the Irish people and people of Irish descent worldwide and to promoting what is best about our country.

In working together, we will ensure the continued respect and admiration in which Irish people and our culture are held worldwide.