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First Round Working Holiday Agreement 2023

First Round Working Holiday Agreement 2023

Working Holiday Agreement

Ireland has a Working Holiday Agreement with Chile, which allows 200 young Chileans annually to take extended holidays in Ireland for up to a year, and to take employment as an incidental aspect of this stay. The aim of the scheme is to allow young Chileans to work and study English or Irish; and to introduce them to the people, culture and landscape of Ireland. Participants will have one year from date of issue of the authorisation to enter Ireland.

There will be 200 places on the Programme (divided in two rounds of 100). The age limit for this year’s process is 30 years old. 

Applications for the first round of 100 letters for the 2023 Working Holiday Programme will open at 9am on the 20 of April 2023.

Queries will not be answered by phone.

Please read the WHA 2023 FAQs to obtain information related to this Programme.

The working holiday permission may be issued to Chilean citizens who meet the following requirements at the time of submitting the application:

In order to submit your application to a working holiday authorisation, you should send one email saying that you are interested in participating in the WHA 2023 Programme after 9am on the 20 of April 2023 to IRISHWHCHILE@VFSGLOBAL.COM.

The first 100 emails received will be assigned an appointment to apply for the Working Holiday Programme.

Applicants are reminded that, upon obtaining a Working Holiday Permission, they will be authorized to stay in Ireland for a maximum period of twelve (12) months, non-renewable. They may leave and re-enter Ireland and work, provided it is not a permanent job. They may also study or train during their stay.

Abusive messages or phone calls will be disqualifying. 

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