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Payment Method

All payments must be made by credit or debit card. We no longer accept cash, cheques or bank drafts.

Applications made online

There are different fees if you apply online.

Urgent Travel

If you require an urgent appointment to process a passport renewal application, we have an urgent appointment service for passport renewal at the London Passport Office, 114A Cromwell Road, SW7 4ES.

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Emergency Passports

An emergency temporary passport can only be issued, on the same day, in the case of a genuine emergency situation. An example of an emergency is the death or serious illness of a family member.

The cost for an emergency passport is £26.00.

An Emergency Travel Certificate can be issued to enable applicant to travel home to country of residence only in the case of a stolen or lost passport. The cost for an Emergency Travel Certificate is £26.00.


For applications made online and by post, payment will be deducted in Euro from the credit card details provided by the applicant on the application form. The cardholder must sign Section 1 of the application form. The expiry date of the card must be included along with the name of the cardholder and the card number.