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Irish Film Festival 11-28 November 2018

The Irish Film Festival 2018 will take place during the period 11-28 November in the cinematheques in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem.

The schedule of the festival is as follows:

The Drummer and the Keeper

An unlikely friendship develops between the bipolar drummer of a rock band and an institutionalized teen suffering from Asperger's syndrome.

Tel Aviv 11 November, 21.00
Haifa 12 November, 20.45
Jerusalem 24 November, 21.30


Good Favour

Rebecca Daly's subtle and brilliantly realized parable, a teenage stranger welcomed into a household in a devout Catholic village gradually reveals his motives and what seem to be magical powers

Tel Aviv 12 November, 19.00
Haifa 15 November, 20.45
Jerusalem 26 November, 18.00



Larry and Sophie, two people with intellectual disabilities, long to be together in a world that does everything to keep them apart.

Tel Aviv 13 November, 20.00
Haifa 13 November, 21.15
Jerusalem 28 November, 18.00


The Young Offenders

Two teenage boys cycle 160km on stolen bikes pursued by police to find a missing bale of cocaine worth 7 million euro. Set around the real event of Ireland's biggest cocaine seizure in 2007 of 440 million euro.

Tel Aviv 14 November, 20.00
Haifa 16 November, 16.30
Jerusalem 25 November, 21.00


Kissing Candice

17-year-old Candice longs to escape her seaside town and finds solace in her imagination. When her disillusionment calcifies into an obsession with a troubled stranger, she becomes entangled with a dangerous local gang.

Tel Aviv 15 November, 21.00
Haifa 14 November, 20.15
Jerusalem 27 November, 21.00

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