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Irish film screenings in Israel, 3-28 March 2022

The month of March this year will see a feast of Irish film in several locations in Israel, with some seventeen screenings planned between 3 and 28 March. 

Most of these will be within the framework of the well-established Irish film festival, which will involve screenings of five recent Irish films in the Cinematheques of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. 

Apart from one (Arracht, "Monster") set in the period of Ireland's Great Famine in the mid-19th century, the action of the films takes place in the present day. They provide a varied, and hopefully both exciting and entertaining, insight into life in Ireland, and not only in Ireland: Death of a Ladies' Man, which prominently features the music of Leonard Cohen, tells the story of Samuel O'Shea (played by Gabriel Byrne), a professor living in Canada who has some interesting hallucinations and regular conversations with his dead Irish-born father. Who We Love is a story of coming of age and coming to terms with one's identity, while Redemption of a Rogue is a black comedy about a prodigal son returning to his hometown to seek salvation for his sins. Like Arracht, Doineann ("Storm") is in the Irish language and showcases the wild scenery of Ireland's coast, as well as containing some interesting and surprising twists. 

In addition to these, Cathy Brady's film Wildfire, set in the border area against the backdrop of Brexit, will be shown in Jerusalem on 3 March and in Holon on 7 March as part of the Francophonie film festival. 

We hope that you enjoy the films, and look forward to your reactions on Twitter @EmbassyTLV. 

The full list of screening times and locations is below. Tickets are available from the venues. 

3 March 17:00    Wildfire Jerusalem Cinematheque
7 March 18:00 Wildfire Holon Cinematheque
13 March 18:00 Doineann Jerusalem Cinematheque
13 March 20:30 Death of a Ladies' Man Tel Aviv Cinematheque
14 March 18:00 Arracht Jerusalem Cinematheque
14 March 21:00 Arracht Tel Aviv Cinematheque
15 March    19:00 Who We Love Tel Aviv Cinematheque
15 March 21:15 Death of a Ladies' Man Jerusalem Cinematheque
16 March 18:00 Redemption of a Rogue    Jerusalem Cinematheque
16 March 21:00 Redemption of a Rogue Tel Aviv Cinematheque
19 March 21:00 Doineann Tel Aviv Cinematheque
19 March 21:15 Who We Love Jerusalem Cinematheque
20 March 20:30 Death of a Ladies' Man Haifa Cinematheque
21 March 20:30 Redemption of a Rogue Haifa Cinematheque
24 March 20:30 Arracht Haifa Cinematheque
26 March 17:00 Who We Love Haifa Cinematheque
28 March 20:30 Doineann Haifa Cinematheque

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