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Twenty Irish film screenings in Israel, 7-17 March 2020

The period leading up to our national day will see a feast of Irish film in several locations in Israel, with no fewer than twenty screenings between 7 and 17 March. 
Most of these will be within the framework of the well-established Irish film festival, which will involve screenings of five recent Irish films in the Cinematheques of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. 
The festival gets off to a light-hearted start with A Bump Along the Way, about a mother and daughter placed in an unusual and interesting situation. The unusual continues with the horror comedy Extra Ordinary. Lost Lives is a moving illustration of the impact of the Northern Ireland “Troubles”, in which more than 3,700 people were killed. Going back to an earlier time in Irish history, Black 47 tells the story of how one Irishman, finding that his family members had died in the Great Famine, mounts his own personal war against those he believes responsible. We are brought back to the present and to parent-child relationships (father and son this time) with End of Sentence, the action of which takes place on both sides of the Atlantic. The characters fly to Ireland, something which will become easier for people in Israel very soon, with the opening of a regular direct air connection between Tel Aviv and Dublin in May 2020.  
Viewers who have not yet seen Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell’s acclaimed documentary Gaza will have two further chances to do so, in Holon on 7 March and in Jerusalem on 14 March as part of the Francophonie film festival. 
Finally, on 13-14 March the EPOS International Art Film Festival, taking place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, will screen three films about Irish-born or Irish-connected artists: Dublin-born modern artist Sean Scully, Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney, and singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher of the group “Oasis”. 
The full list of screening times and locations is below. Tickets are available from the venues. 
Date Time Film Venue
7 March 17:00 Gaza Holon Cinematheque
10 March    20:30    A Bump Along the Way Tel Aviv Cinematheque
11 March 18:00 A Bump Along the Way Jerusalem Cinematheque
11 March 19:00 Extra Ordinary Tel Aviv Cinematheque
12 March 19:00 Lost Lives Tel Aviv Cinematheque
12 March 22:00 Extra Ordinary Haifa Cinematheque
13 March 12:00 Unstoppable (Sean Scully) Tel Aviv Museum of Art
13 March 15:00 End of Sentence Jerusalem Cinematheque
13 March 20:00 End of Sentence Haifa Cinematheque
14 March 12:00

Seamus Heaney and

the Music of What Happens

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
14 March 15:30 A Bump Along the Way Haifa Cinematheque
14 March 17:00 Gaza Jerusalem Cinematheque
14 March 18:00 As It Was (Liam Gallagher) Tel Aviv Museum of Art
15 March 20:15 Black 47 Haifa Cinematheque
15 March 20:30 Lost Lives Jerusalem Cinematheque
15 March 21:00 Black 47 Tel Aviv Cinematheque
16 March 18:00 Extra Ordinary Jerusalem Cinematheque
16 March 19:00 End of Sentence Tel Aviv Cinematheque
16 March 20:30 Lost Lives Haifa Cinematheque
17 March 20:30 Black 47 Jerusalem Cinematheque

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