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Irish-Slovak Business Directory

The Irish-Slovak Business Directory is a useful resource for any Irish businesses interested in the Slovak market, as well as Slovak companies looking for partners in the region, and in Ireland.

The Embassy of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland came together to publish this directory as a commitment to supporting Irish companies and entrepreneurs, and to growing the Irish-Slovak business relationship. It provides an overview of the many businesses and entrepreneurs who make up this vibrant and dynamic relationship.

View the Irish-Slovak Business Directory (EN)

Trade between Ireland and Slovakia is strong and growing. In recent years, Irish exports to the Slovak Republic have been growing by approximately 11% per year, and Slovak exports to Ireland have grown in the same period. In 2018, two-way trade was worth an estimated €372 million.

There is a steady increase in the numbers of Irish companies interested in this attractive market, with some also using Slovakia as a base to expand links in the region. Slovak-Irish people-to-people links are strong, helped by the significant numbers of Slovak citizens who have lived and worked in Ireland. Slovakia's geographic location, and proximity to transport hubs in a number of neighbouring countries, makes it an attractive market for Irish investors.

If you are an Irish business in Slovakia, or interested in expanding to Slovakia, get in touch with us to add your details to the Irish-Slovak Business Directory.