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  • You can call the Embassy on +46 8 54504040.
  • Phone lines are open Monday - Friday from 09.30 – 12.30 and 14.00 –  16.30.
  • Please be aware that calls made out of hours which are not emergencies will not be answered. 



  • You can email the Embassy here.
  • Emails are answered Monday - Friday. 



  • Emergency Consular assistance continues to be provided.
  • Please call the Embassy on +46 8 54504040.
    • When calling, you will be prompted to leave a message.
    • After the tone, record your message stating your name, a brief description of the situation and a contact number.
    • The Duty Officer will call you back.
    • Please be aware that visa queries will not be answered via this mailbox.


Digital COVID Certificate Sweden

The Embassy of Ireland is aware of issues faced by Irish citizens in accessing a Swedish Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) when they do not have a Swedish personal number.

The basis for the DCC system in Sweden is the recording of vaccinations on the National Vaccination Register (NVR). Entries onto the NVR are tied to personal numbers. Therefore, when Sweden introduced their DCC system, only those with personal numbers could access the service.

To date, a solution has been provided by the E-Health Agency to those who have a Coordination Number (samordningsnummer) but not to those who have Reserve Numbers (reservnummer) or no identification number. Please find further information provided by the Agency below:


Coordination Number (Samordningsnummer)

The Swedish authorities have developed a solution for those with a Coordination Number (samordningsnummer).

Instructions for accessing the EU COVID certificate with a Coordination Number is available on the E-Health Agency’s website:

For those without e-identification or a registered home address • E-hälsomyndigheten (

Please note that these certificates can be sent abroad. On the form, you should fill in the address to which the form should be sent. The certificate can be sent abroad by registered post. Please note however that the recipient must provide ID when taking delivery.


Reserve Number (Reservnummer)

You should be aware that the Coordination Number is different to the Reserve Number. Reserve numbers are preliminary numbers given for identification within a region. They are not recognised nationally as they are not unique outside the region they were given. They are therefore not included on the National Vaccination Register (NVR).

In a letter to the regions in September 2021, the Swedish Public Health Agency clarified that if persons with a coordination number have been reported on a reserve number to the NVR, this needs to be corrected by re-registering from a reserve number to a coordination number. These people can then have their vaccination certificate issued in accordance with E-health authority procedures.

For the issuance of COVID certificates to persons who do not have a coordination number, and whose vaccinations are recorded as a reserve number, the e-health authority recommends that the individual seeks assistance from the care provider who performed the vaccination. The caregiver verifies the person's identity and with the individual's consent sends the vaccination information via a web application to the E-health authority, which can then issue the vaccination certificate, in the same way as for the recovery certificate.

If you were vaccinated with a reserve number, we advise you to speak directly to the healthcare provider who administered the vaccine. They will need to re-register your details under a coordination number.

The information provided above is sourced from the e-Health authority and clarification on any details should be addressed to the authority in the first instance.  COVID Certificate • E-hälsomyndigheten (

The Embassy of Ireland will continue to liaise with the Swedish authorities on this issue on behalf of Irish citizens who cannot access a personal or co-ordination number. 



Please refer to the website of the Irish Immigration Service for information on visas for entry into Ireland here: Home - Immigration Service Delivery (

If you are unsure as to whether you require a visa/preclearance to enter Ireland you can check here by entering your nationality.

Please be aware that all travellers arriving into Ireland must continue to comply fully with measures required by law including producing proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 and a negative antigen test taken within 48 hours of arrival into Ireland (with proof of vaccination/ recovery) or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival into Ireland if you are not in possession of proof of vaccination or recovery  Full information is available here.


Please note that the Embasy of Ireland in Stockholm processes visa applications for entry into Ireland from Sweden. If you have a question regarding visas for entry into Sweden, please refer to the following websites: 



All passport applicants are required to apply or renew online


Foreign Birth Registrations:

Processing of Foreign Birth registration will resume on a phased basis from Monday 15 November. 

Applications that have been sent to the FBR team have been securely held and will now be processed in strict date order. At present, due to the complex nature of the Foreign Birth Registration and the pause in the service due to the Covid-19 restrictions, you should allow approximately 2 years for processing of Foreign Birth Registration applications at this time. 

Further information is available here



Please see the website of the Passport Service for further information.


Travel Advice:

You can find detailed and up to date information our Travel Advice for Sweden here.

For specific information on COVID-19 in Sweden, call 113 13.

For healthcare advice in Sweden, call 1177

You can find up to date details on travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic here.




Passport Online

Passport Online

Irish passports can be renewed from anywhere in the world using Passport Online. Irish citizens can apply for first time passports and renewals online if they are resident in:

  • Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain
  • Europe
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New Brexit Website

New Brexit Website

This new website from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will provide you with comprehensive and up to date information as the Brexit negotiations unfold.

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