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PermRep Staff – May 2021

Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU, in Brussels

Address: Rue Froissart 50, 1040 Brussels, Belgium 
Telephone: 00 32 2 28 23 200
Twitter name: 'Ireland In the EU'. Handle: @IrelandRepBru

Permanent Representative (Head of Mission): Tom Hanney (COREPER II, EU-UK)

Deputy Permanent Representative: Maeve Collins (COREPER I)
Political and Security Committee Representative: Noel White
Military Representative to EU Military Committee: Brigadier General Gerard Buckley
ANTICI (COREPER II) attaché: Lisa Walshe
MERTENS (COREPER I) attaché: Ciarán Delargy
NICOLAIDES (PSC) attaché: Shona Dunne
PA to Permanent Representative Hanney: Jackie Cowap
PA to Deputy Permanent Representative Collins: Kieran Molloy
PA to PSC Representative White: Marie Farrelly
Clerical Officer (COREPER I): Kieran Molloy
Clerical Officer (COREPER II): Frodo-Michael Anderson

Press Relations Section (for all sections, including Brexit Unit)

Press Spokesperson/Head of Press relations: Alan O’Brien, Tel: 00 32 490 56 48 43
Clerical Officer: Frodo-Michael Anderson

Brexit (EU-UK Negotiations) Unit

Counsellor: Caitríona Ingoldsby
Attaché: Amal Kaoua
Attaché: Colum Hatchell
Attaché: Sarah McCabe

Institutions Section/EU General Affairs

Head of Institutions Section: Eamonn MacAodha, Counsellor
Attaché: Mike Williams (EU staffing and & EFTA/EEA)
Attaché: Stephen Barry (European Parliament)
Clerical Officer: Maria Sternativo

Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH)

Counsellor: Martin Crowley (Agriculture)
Attaché: Donal O'Donnell (Veterinary)
Attaché: Colm Ó Súilleabháin (Fisheries)
Executive Officer: Paul O'Gorman (General Agricultural Affairs, SCA)
Clerical Officer: Seán Murphy

Competitiveness Council (COMPET)

Counsellor: Eadaoin Collins (Competitiveness, Single Market, Industry, SMEs, State Aid)
Attaché: Patricia Brady (Research, Space)
Attaché: Aideen Cusack (Competition, Single Market, Better Regulation, Standardisation, Intellectual Property)
Attaché: Cathal Lynch (Consumer, Company Law, Chemicals, Workplace Health & Safety)

Attaché: Corita Goulding (Procurement)
Clerical Officer: James O’Brien/ Gerry Donnelly

Economic and Financial Council (ECOFIN)

Counsellor: Susan O’Reilly (Head of Section)
Attaché: Susan Evans (Taxation policy)
Attaché: Ambrose Murray (Financial Services)
Attaché: Eoin Sheanon (Banking)
Attaché: Hazel Ryan (MFF/Budget)
Attaché: Chloe O'Reilly
Clerical Officer: Martina Cunningham

Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO)

Attaché: Darragh Doherty (Employment and Social Affairs)
Attaché: Linda O'Connor (Employment and Social Affairs)
Attaché: Emma Bradley (Health and Food Safety)
Attaché: Catríona Daly (Health)
Attaché: William Reid (Employment/Labour Areas)
Clerical Officer: Elaine Byrne/Gerry Donnelly

Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (EYCS)

Attaché: Leo Kilroy (Education)
Attaché: Therese O’Connor (Culture, Tourism, Sport)
Clerical Officer: Karen Kavanagh

Environment Council (ENVI)

Attaché: Pat Fenton (Climate)
Attaché: Aidan Ryan (Environmental and Atomic Questions)
Attaché: Padraic Dempsey (Environment, Biodiversity, Heritage)
Attaché: Colm Ó Conaill (Energy)
Clerical Officer: Karen Kavanagh

Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) General Affairs Council (GAC)

Antici: Lisa Walshe
Attaché: Derek Lambe (Relex)
Attaché: Ian Devine (CFSP/CSDP)
Attaché: Cillian O’Kelly (Middle East/Gulf and EuroMed WGs)
Attaché: Thomas Tichelmann (Development Policy)
Attaché: Caoimhe Fleming-Farrell (Latin America & Transatlantic relations)
Attaché: Sarah Hamilton (Russia, Ukraine, Eastern, Europe & Central, Asia/COHOM)
Attaché: John Dundon (Africa I & ACP)
Attaché: Caoimh Kett ( Africa II / UN Security Council Coordination)
Attaché: Killian Browne (CIVCOM, M/Conflict Prevention, Mediation and Stabilisation/COCON)
Attaché: Catherine Campbell (Asia & Oceania/COASI)
Attaché: Dymphna Keogh (Maritime Affairs)
Attaché: Corita Goulding (Cohesion Policy, Staff Regulations)
Policy Officer: Keith Ruffles (Cohesion Policy, Staff Regulations)
Counsellor: James Ryan
Counsellor: Colonel John McCarthy
Attaché: Philip Mudge (CFSP/CSDP)
Attaché: Brían O’Meara (CFSP/CSDP)
Executive Officer: Amanda Lockhart
Clerical Officer: Karen Plunkett

Clerical Officer: Brendan O’Rourke

Military Staff

Brigadier General Gerard Buckley
Lt Col Bryan Carley
Comdt. Michael Campbell
Clerical Officer: Karen Plunkett

Foreign Affairs Council (Trade)

Counsellor: Brian Dalton
Policy Officer: Eoghan Regan
Clerical Officer: James O’Brien

Justice Council

Counsellor: Brien Henderson

Attaché: Colin Murphy (Civil Law and Equality)
Attaché: John Keyes (Criminal Law and Data Protection)
Attaché: Owen McLaughlin (Asylum and Migration)
Attaché: Micheál Rooney (Police Cooperation and Counter Terrorism)
Executive Officer: Niamh Flynn (Coordination)

Clerical Officer: Phyllis McGurk (Administration and coordination)

Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (TTE)

Counsellor: Ronan Gallagher

Attaché: Lydia Rooney (Transport)
Attaché: Siobhán Kelly (Transport)
Attaché: Nessa McKevitt (Telecommunications)
Attaché: Colm Ó Conaill (Energy)
Attaché: Corita Goulding (eGovernment)

Clerical Officer: Elaine Byrne (Transport)

Clerical Officer: Vacant

Office of the Attorney General

Counsellor: David Brophy
Clerical Officer: Frodo-Michael Anderson

Office of the Revenue Commissioners

Attaché: Eoghan Ryan
Attaché: Sarah Joyce
Attaché: Mark Newman

Administration section

Head of Administration: Eamonn Mac Aodha, Counsellor
Deputy Head of Administration: Lorraine Christian
Gerry Poole
Brian Thornberry
Emer Donnelly
Alan Harper
Carine Boisdenghien
Gavin Quill
Declan Usher
Nathalie Syoen
Ariane Van Leeuw
David Rizza (Driver)
Christian Vandervaeren (Driver)

Oireachtas representative

Counsellor: Paul Conway (based at European Parliament)