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FOI Request 19/317




FOI Request 19/317


1. A breakdown of all arrests/detentions/criminal charges/court appearances of Irish citizens in foreign jurisdictions from 2016 to date in 2019 as brought to the attention of the department.

2. The breakdown should include number of people, genders, ages, countries in which their cases occurred, nature of (alleged) crime/offence, status of custody as of present time. I am aware of the confidentiality of departmental dealings in such circumstances and am satisfied to have identities redacted or omitted.

3. Copy of all correspondence, memos, emails, reports and/or briefing papers held by the department within the last two years relating to the issue of Irish citizens arrested or processed through foreign criminal justice systems (individual identifying content to be omitted).


November 1, 2019


November 29, 2019

Reply 19/317