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FOI Request 19/286




FOI Request 19/286


The number and names of Ministers/TDs (including the Taoiseach) that travelled to New York for the UN assembly last week.

The number of civil servants that travelled with each Minister/TD (including the Taoiseach) to the UN and their grade.

A breakdown of the cost of flights over to New York and return to Dublin for each Minister/TD
(including the Taoiseach) and the cost of return flights for every civil servant that travelled with the Minister/TD they work for.

The name and cost per night of the hotel that each Minister/TD (including the Taoiseach) and the civil servants (without identifying the civil servant) stayed in and for how long.

A breakdown detailing what Ministers/TDs/civil servants (including the Taoiseach) flew business or economy class.

Did any Minister/TD/civil servant (including the Taoiseach) have use of the Aer Lingus or any other lounge while at the airports.

Were any gifts bought to bring to the UN assembly and at what cost and what were they.

Details of any other expenses incurred and paid for by the State regarding the trip to the UN assembly.

The mode of transport and at what cost was each Minister/TD/civil servant (including the Taoiseach) chauffeured to their destinations.

What expenses did each person that travelled incur.

What was the standard expense allowance for each public servant, was there there per diems.

What expenses were incurred for catering for receptions and the details of these including the where they were held.


September 27, 2019


October 24, 2019

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