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FOI Request 18/016




FOI Request 18/016


A data dump of the Oracle financial management system in use by the Department covering the time period 2017. This information should contain data relating only to the following subheads: 

- Travel and subsistence (A2)

- Training and development and incidental expenses (A3)

- Postal and Telecommunications Services (A4)

- Office equipment and external IT services (A5)

- Office premises expenses (A6)

- Consultancy services and value for money and policy reviews (A7)

This should include the following column heads (i.e. fields): payment date; subhead item; cost centre; vendor name; invoice number; line description; amount.

This request should only cover payments in excess of €5,000.

I would also like to receive a table of subtotals for each of the subheadings in total.


January 18, 2018


February 16, 2018

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