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FOI Request 18/300




FOI Request 18/300


I would like to make an FOI request in relation to Dublin City Council and Israel. Motions were passed in April and in July on goods and services produced in Israeli settlements, on boycotting Hewlett Packard goods and services due to the company's association with Israel, and on calling on the government to expel the Israeli ambassador.

The motions were:

1. Motion on notice at the July meeting.

2. Emergency motion 3 at the April meeting.

3. Motion on notice at the April meeting.

I am looking for any correspondence to/from the department on this subject, either with the council or with other interested parties for the period 1 March to 30 July 2018. This is restricted to records held by officers in the Middle East Unit who were covering Israel and Palestine during the period in question.


December 3, 2018


January 11, 2019

Reply 18/300

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