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FOI Request 17/013




Noel baker


Linn Dubh, Assumption Road, Blackpool, Cork.


Irish Examiner


FOI Request 17/013


Details as to the number of occasions in which Irish diplomatic/embassy/consulate/related staff and/or contractors have requested diplomatic immunity of or from the authorities in another state, in the years 2017, through to 2016, inclusive. Please provide details as to the nature of the request for diplomatic immunity, the reason why ti was requested, whether or not it was requested, who made the request (e.g. Ambassador, officer, etc), the date, and the location, plus the authority r authorities in the named country to which the request was made. Please also include any correspondence from said authority or agency in each case regarding its decision to deal with the request.

Please also, according to the same wording, provide details as to all requests made to Irish authorities in Ireland for diplomatic immunity in the years 2014 through to the end of 2016, inclusive. As above, please provide details as to the identity of the embassy etc. making the request(s); the reasons why; whether or not it was granted; when the request(s) were made; and the dates involved. Please also include any correspondence or observations passed by Irish authorities, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, to the requester, or related or other relevant agency, regarding the request (e.g., to the Department of Justice, or other Department, or Road Safety Authority, or Garda Síochána, etc.)


January 13, 2017


February 9, 2017

Reply 17/013

Schedule 17/013