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FOI Request 15/036





Ben Haugh


3rd Floor, Embassy House, Herbert Lane Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Irish Mail on Sunday


FOI Request 15/036


How much has the department spent on social media from 2010-2015, broken down by year? Please include details of how many social media pages the department has, how many staff are responsible for maintaining them and their salaries, details and cost of any training courses that staff were sent on (including number of staff who attended, date of training course, company who provided it etc) and the cost of any software purchased in relation to social media. Please also include any other costs relating to social media which are not mentioned above. 2. Please send me your social media guidelines issued to staff and details of how many people are blocked on each account. 3. How much did the department spend on PR in 2014 and so far in 2015? Please break the total costs down by month. Please also break the costs down into as many categories as possible (photographers, marketing campaigns, makeup, social media, moneys paid to external PR companies etc).


26th March 2015


24th April 2015

Request 15/036

Reply 15/036