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FOI Request 15/117




Colin Coyle


4th Floor, Bishop’s Square, Redmond’s Hill, Dublin 2


The Sunday Times


FOI Request 15/117


1(a). I wish to request, under the Freedom of Information Act, any records explaining the reasons why a new election observer panel was established in 2013.
1(b). I also wish to request, under FoI, access to any records detailing / explaining changes made to the published competition.
1(c). I also wish to request, under FoI, details of how external assessors were selected and how much each was paid for their role.
1(d). I also wish to request, under FoI, copies of any re presentations received in relation to the roster, including appeals, and any records created internally to respond to these representations / appeals.
1(e). I also wish to request, under FoI, copies of any briefing materials prepared for the Minister and Secretary General of the Department.

Essentially I am seeking to establish whether good governance was applied to the establishment of the roster and whether the operation of the current roster is in accordance with good administration, proper financial controls and best practice.


1st December 2015


11th January 2016

Request 15/117

Reply 15/117

Schedule 15/117