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FOI Request 20/033




FOI Request 20/033


1. The mandate/instruction for the agenda item ‘legislative transparency’ before the meeting, the report after the meeting and all other documents that refer to the agenda item “legislative transparency”, for the following meetings:

o Coreper 18 December 2019
o Coreper 12 June 2019
o Antici Group 27 May 2019
o Coreper 2 May 2019
o Antici Group 4 December 2018
o Working Party Information 25 October 2018
o Antici 11 October 2018
o Antici 4 September 2018
o Coreper 18 July 2018

2. The government’s response to the questionnaire on legislative transparency, from the Council General Secretariat (CGS), that came as a follow-up to the options paper distributed prior to the 11 October 2018 meeting and to the case study distributed prior to the 4 December 2018 meeting.

3. All other government documents that concern the ‘draft policy paper on legislative transparency’ from the CGS from the 13 July 2018.


February 13, 2020


March 13, 2020

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