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Please be advised that DFA Freedom of Information requests have moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Freedom of Information requests are now available at gov.ie.

FOI Request 20/014




FOI Request 20/014


A datadump of the Oracle financial management system in use by the Department covering the time period 2019. This information should contain data relating only to the following subheads:
- Travel and subsistence (A2)
- Training and development and incidental expenses (A3)
- Postal and Telecommunications Services (A4)
- Office equipment and external IT services (A5)
- Office premises expenses (A6)
- Consultancy services and value for money and policy reviews (A7)
- This should include the following column heads (i.e. fields): payment date; subhead item; cost centre; vendor name; invoice number; line description; amount.
This request should only cover payments in excess of €5,000.


January 9, 2020


February 13, 2020

Reply 20/014