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FOI Request 20/177




FOI Request 20/177


All records held by Department of Foreign Affairs and The Department of Transport Tourism and Sport relating to the following aircraft on the following dates in Shannon Airport


Aircraft Registration AIRCRAFT ICAO HEX Date in January 2017

63-8003 AE0139 22/01/2017

16-5830 AE04D8 10/01/2017

16-5832 AE04DA 09/01/2017 and/or 10/01/2017

01-0193 AE10BC 23/01/2017

02-0042 AE11F8 12/01/2017 and or 13/01/2017

16-5836 AE1252 13/01/2017

09-9205 AE49C1 22/01/2017

16-8981 AE5719 18/01/2017


September 11, 2020


October 23, 2020

Reply 20/177

Schedule 20/177