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FOI Request 21/066




FOI Request 21/066


I wish to be furnished with records concerning how the rights of persons, with disabilities,  were considered by the review in terms of (1) the management of the roster, (2) an account of the arrangements made for reasonable accommodation in the planning of the application form and conduct of the 2018 competition, and (c) any correspondence between the officials preparing the competition and any other officials inside or outside the DFA in regard to making arrangements for reasonable accommodation in the 2018 competition, and in the subsequent roster which was mustered.


In terms of the election observers interviewed for your recent review (1) how were they selected, (2) could you provide redacted notes of the interviews- the request is not for any information which would identify any individual but rather to allow an assessment of the conduct of interviews, and (3) please clarify whether any disabled observers were interviewed.


March 3, 2021


March 31, 2021

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