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FOI Request 21/095




FOI Request 21/095


The passport office is not issuing passports, even online, except in emergencies, apparently due to Covid 19 restrictions.

My question is what entity or organisation has instructed the Government to stop issuing passports?

What reason was given by this entity or organisation that this restriction was necessary?

What is the Government's reason for closing the passport office? Covid 19 is not a major problem so cannot be used as an excuse, seeing as medical treatments and preventatives (other than a vaccine) are available to all.

Also, there has been no change in the normal illness rate of shop workers this past year, thus proving there is no danger in working amongst the public. In any case, passport office workers would, I assume, rarely be interacting with the public, as most work could be done online as has been the case for years.

So I need to know the real reason as to why the passport office is closed and is only issuing passports in an emergency.


April 16, 2021


May 14, 2021

Reply 21/095