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FOI Request 21/109




FOI Request 21/109


I wish to ascertain if an agreement or policy exists within the Department of Foreign Affairs, Passport Department, to report to member states of the European Union if an individual, in receipt of an Irish passport applies online for and is issued with a renewed Irish passport - whilst being subject to a European Arrest Warrant?

Is there a requirement on the Department of Foreign Affairs, Passport Office, to inform any member state seeking a suspected person that a request for a passport has been made and issued?

Are the personal contact details, mobile phone number / address / email / personal IP or VPN address etc. of the individual seeking to renew their passport shared with the law enforcement agencies of a member state which is seeking the return of that individual on foot of a European Arrest Warrant?


March 1, 2021


May 7, 2021

Reply 21/109