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FOI Request 21/112




FOI Request 21/112


(1)I wish to be provided with copies of any agreements or policies that exist between DFA,  Irish Passport Office and other European member states and the UK which deal with the requirement to share information on a person who is subject to a European Arrest Warrant.

The dates of interest to me are  between 01/06/20 and the 31/07/20.


(2)I wish to request any records of occasions when the Passport Office informed EU member states or UK agencies that a person on foot of a European Arrest Warrant has applied for an Irish passport/ is issued with an Irish passport  between the 01/06/20 and 31/07/20.


(3)I am writing to request records of the number of occasions and the dates  that personal contact details were provided to other European member states  and UK agencies about individuals who are on foot of a European Arrest Warrant between the 01/06/20 and 31/07/20 and have applied for an Irish passport.

I wish to obtain  a record of the types of contact details shared, e.g. Mobile number/ postal address/ email address/ personal IP address/ VPN address from 01/06/20 until 31/07/20.


(4)I wish to request all records of incidences  where the Irish passport office has forwarded details of Irish citizens to European law enforcement agencies and UK law enforcement agencies, who are wanted on foot of a European Arrest Warrant. I wish to request records of dates when such information was exchanged between 01/06/20 and 31/07/20.


May 18, 2021


July 30, 2021

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