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Irish Artist Conan Dynes Exhibition Opening this Thursday

Irish Artist Conan Dynes Exhibition Opening this Thursday

Chicken or the egg?

An Irish comedian tells the joke where he is standing watching the London marathon and a runner, dressed up like a chicken, runs past him. 2 minutes later another runner, dressed up as an egg, runs past. He thinks to himself ‘this is going to be interesting.’

Vienna is a city of signs.

Some street signs catalogue the geography of the city. The number on the street sign identifies the district. An older colour-coded sign subtly imparts its owning Bezirk, red on white is the 1st. Others are historical, signifying a spot in Vienna’s past; a plaque commemorating a place where a composer lived, a black sign on another building registers the history of a bombing and rebuilding, the poignant brass tiles on the ground document a lost population of Vienna. Some street names allow a glimpse of their past use. Salztorgasse - a gate no longer in a wall which is itself long gone. The name of a building - Karl-Marx-Hof remembers the will of the builders. Its name was changed, altering the story for a period. It was renamed back. Vienna is defined by all of this. A narrative of signs which informs, lying side by side, bordering, covered, covering, sharing, and disrupting, defining the current city and moving on.

A new solo exhibition titled “Chicken or the egg?” by Irish Artist Conan Dynes opens this Thursday, 7 September at 19:00, Stern Studio Gallery, Mayergasse 7/2, 1020 Vienna.

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