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I have changed my name and I want my passport to show my new name - what documents do I need to submit with my passport application?

A passport will normally issue in a person's name as it appears on his/her birth certificate. However, a change of name from that which appears on a person’s birth certificate is permitted in certain situations. For example, when a person has changed their name following marriage or civil partnership.

You must submit documentary evidence to support any change of name. A summary of additional documents that you will need to submit with your passport application is offered below. These documents are required for both online and paper applications.

If you have an existing passport and wish to have your new name noted, you will need to apply for a new passport and submit the required documents with your application. You will also need to return your current/most recent passport to the Passport Service.

If you are applying for your first passport and the name you wish to have noted on your passport differs from your birth cert name you must include the required documents with your first time application.

Please do not send photocopies, short-form birth certificates or laminated certificates. Certified translations are required if documents are not in English or Irish.

Additional documents required to support a change of name:

  • Original civil marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Current passport (if renewing)
  • Original civil marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Original birth certificate
  • Decree of Divorce or Judicial Separation (certified by solicitors/courts)
  • Current passport (if renewing)

If divorce or separation papers are not available, you may still change the name on your passport by providing proof of usage of the new name (see below).

  • Original birth certificate
  • You will need to submit two documents that show you are using your new name, such as a driver's licence, college identification card, school report, social welfare receipts, pay slip, utility bills, bank statements or official correspondence from a public or private sector organisation. These documents must date back at least two years from the date you make your application.

NOTE: A copy of valid Public Services Card issued in your new name can be considered as one document showing proof of usage, even if the card was issued less than 2 years ago.

Name change through deed poll is not sufficient or necessary but may be accepted as supplementary proof of usage.

If you require information on change of name for any other circumstance, please contact the Passport Service

Can I have an observation noted on my passport?

A passport will generally issue in the name of the applicant as it appears on their birth certificate. Where an applicant has changed their name (for example, following marriage or civil partnership) and wishes to apply for a passport in their new name, they may still wish for their birth certificate name to be noted on their passport. In cases such as these, the birth certificate name can be noted as an observation on page 3 of the passport book. It is not possible to have observations noted on passport cards.
If you are renewing your passport online and wish to have an observation noted, please select the relevant option during the online application process. If submitting a paper application, please see section 2 B of the application form.

If you wish to record your birth certificate name as an observation on your new passport book, and it has not been recorded as an observation on a previous passport book, you must include your original birth certificate with your application.

Should you wish, your previous passport number can also be included as an observation.

In the vast majority of cases it is not necessary to include an observation on your passport.