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First-time passport application for adults

1. Overview

2. How to apply online

3. First-time applicants born abroad 

4. What it costs

5. How long it takes

6. When online application is not possible

7. Apply online now 


Irish citizens aged 18 and over can apply online for their first Irish passport if they live in:

If your country of residence is not included in the above lists, contact your local Irish Embassy or Consulate for details on how to apply.

Adult passports are valid for 10 years. If your last passport was issued more than 15 years ago, you need to apply as a first-time applicant.

Other types of applications

There is separate guidance if you are renewing your adult passport. You can renew online from anywhere in the world.

You can also apply for a passport card along with your passport book when you apply online.

How to apply online

To apply using Passport Online you will need:

The online application takes about 10 minutes to complete.

How to meet the photo guidelines

Documents you need

The online application will tell you the documents you need to submit after applying.

You can also read our guidance on the documents you need to submit if you are a:

Verifying identity

As a first-time adult applicant, your identity must be verified by a member of An Garda Síochána in Ireland or an appropriate witness outside of the State.  

As part of the online application, you will be asked to print an identity verification form which will tell you what type of witness is acceptable.

First-time applicants born abroad

Check the documents you need to submit if you are a first-time adult applicant born abroad.

What it costs

The cost of your passport depends on the way you apply for it and the type you choose, for example, standard or large.

When you apply using Passport Online:

  • a standard 10-year passport for an adult is €75
  • a large 66-page 10-year passport is €105
  • a standard 10-year passport plus passport card bundle is €100

When you apply online, there is an additional €15 postal fee if you live outside Ireland.

Read the full list of passport fees.

How long it takes

Check the current turnaround times for the latest information.

Passport tracking service

You can check the status of your online application using the passport tracking service.

When online application is not possible

Passport Online is the fastest way to apply for a passport. If Passport Online is unavailable for first time applications in the country where you are living, contact your local Irish Embassy or Consulate for information on how to get a paper form and how to submit it.

Application forms cannot be downloaded.

Paper applications

If you are living in Ireland, Northern Ireland or Great Britain and do not wish to apply online, you can apply using a paper passport form.

Paper applications in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain are submitted through the Post Passport service.

Apply online now

Start your online application.

Contact us

Read more on how to contact the Passport Service or see more guidance on making your application on our information hub.