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Evaluation and Audit

By carefully evaluating and auditing our work, we maintain its quality, learn where we need to improve and make sure the money we spend is accounted for and represents good value for the taxpayer’s money.

Evaluation and audit

Improving quality

We are committed to quality and to ensuring that our work makes a positive contribution and provides a quality public service. With rapid changes in resources, technology and the environments in which we are based, we need to constantly evaluate our work to see how well we are doing and what can be improved. That way, we can adapt our programming, business practices and polices accordingly.

For this reason, we put a lot of emphasis on the independence of the evaluation process. Evaluation gives an impartial assessment of how well we are meeting our objectives and it offers useful lessons to guide us in our future planning.  

As part of our commitment to accountability and transparency, we make the findings available and publish the results of our evaluations. You can find all our evaluation reports in our Publication Section and Irish Aid’s Publications section.

Giving value for money

In the current economic climate, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform strongly emphasises the need for public services to achieve value for money. We carry out special assessments of spending, as part of the Government’s Value for Money and Policy Review programme. These assessments judge how relevant spending has been and how efficiently and effectively the money has been used. 

Audit – following the money trail

We are responsible for managing considerable public funds. Our Evaluation and Audit Unit ensures that the Department’s internal control systems are robust so that the public can be sure that funds are properly accounted for and used for their intended purposes.

Audits highlight any important weaknesses and provide advice on how to improve these controls. Our work in Evaluation and Audit is overseen by an independent Audit Committee, which publishes a report each year.

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