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Please be advised that the Consulate General of Ireland, Edinburgh website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Consulate website is now available at Ireland.ie/edinburgh.

The Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme

The 2021/22 grant round for the Government of Ireland’s Emigrant Support Programme (ESP) is now open. Applications for the 2021/22 grant round can be submitted up until 5.30pm on Wednesday, 24th February 2021.

The Emigrant Support Programme (ESP), coordinated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, provides funding to registered charities, charitable bodies or voluntary/not for profit organisations who support Irish communities overseas. Through this programme the Government funds projects that will have an impact on supporting and building global Irish communities, and projects that strengthen the international Irish community and its bond with Ireland.

In 2021 the Government of Ireland is committed to prioritising projects that are:

Rebuilding (post Covid) through:

•            Digital inclusion initiatives which enhance organisations’ delivery of welfare and heritage projects

•            Building capacity and resilience within organisations

•            Looking at new ways to deliver services

•            Supporting volunteer community efforts

•            Promoting mental health and social inclusion initiatives

Taking a broad and more inclusive approach to our diaspora :

•            Supportive of initiatives that heal our relationships with emigrants who left Ireland in crisis;

•            Greater support for outreach to traditionally under-represented groups (LGBTQI, Travellers, mixed ancestry Irish etc.) and new emigrants;

•            Projects which reach out to youth and younger members of our diaspora (to include 3rd and 4th generation).

For further information on applying, including the criteria, the categories of funding and the principles governing recipients of Government of Ireland funding please visit: https://www.dfa.ie/global-irish/support-overseas/emigrant-support-programme/

We strongly advise organisations to read all the relevant documentation prior to making an application.  As in previous years, applications must be made on-line at http://www.irishabroadgrants.ie which can also be accessed via the Department's website https://www.dfa.ie/global-irish/support-overseas/emigrant-support-programme/. All applications must be made on-line and hard copy applications will not be accepted. In advance of applying, organisations must register for a username and password, which will be automatically generated and immediately emailed back to organisations. This must be done even if you have a login and password from previous years.

If you have questions about the ESP, or wish to discuss if your organisation’s project, please contact us by e-mail at edinburghcongen@dfa.ie

We look forward to working with you in 2021 to deliver tangible benefits for Irish community in Scotland.

The Consulate General of Ireland, Edinburgh


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