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Embassy Maputo Greens the Solar Giraffe for St Patrick's Day

Embassy Maputo Greens the Solar Giraffe for St Patrick's Day

The solar giraffe turns green for St Patrick's Day

Every year, famous sites around the world turn green to celebrate St Ptrick's Day. This year, the Embassy of Ireland in Mozambique decided to focus on the green theme of St Patrick's Day by highlighting the climate conscious and sustainable work of our partners, and as part of this was delighted to 'green' the solar giraffe in Mangunze, Gaza province. 

The solar giraffe is a project of the Carlos Morgado Foundation and the Nykani Mavoko Association and financed by the Embassy. The inspiration for this project was the identification of the social, economic and safety potential of communication devices, such as mobile phones, in rural areas, and the struggle that the community in Mangunze has with being able to charge them. 

The giraffe allows the residents of Mangunze to charge their mobile phones, and also provides a space to gather, to listen to music and news on the radio, and to debate important issues in the district and the country.

The structure powers a technical closet that offers ten mobile phone charging outlets and a radio. In the future, further facilities can be added to the system, such as internet hotpost, television or computers. 

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