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St Patrick's Day 2022

St Patrick's Day 2022

Greening of CFM Maputo Central Station, St Patrick's Day 2022

Mindful of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Embassy Maputo marked this year’s St Patrick’s Day 2022 emphasising solidarity and connection over celebration.


The theme “Crescendo Verde” or “Growing Green” was chosen, to capture two of the Embassy’s key priorities in Mozambique, climate and youth, as well as our objective to catalyse and grow an ecosystem of “green-preneurs”. In the lead up to St Patrick’s Day, the Embassy produced the Growing Green brochure to showcase the work of the Embassy’s partnerships in advancing young green entrepreneurship in Mozambique, within the scope of our climate action commitments for a better world. Each of the 13 projects highlighted in the brochure are a shining example of young Mozambican talent using innovation and creativity to find green solutions for a more sustainable future. The brochure can be viewed at our Growing Green page.

 Inocencio and Adrian at TVM studio speaking about Ireland

On the morning of 17 March, the Embassy participated in its first ever segment on national Mozambique television (TVM). The programme featured interviews with both Irish and Mozambican staff, highlighting Ireland’s development programme in Mozambique, as well as Irish culture, including the history of St Patrick’s Day, Irish music and dance. Demonstrations from staff included how to bake Irish brown soda bread, how to cook a traditional Irish stew, and how to play Ireland’s most famous sport – hurling. Two former Fellowship students and two of the Embassy’s local staff spoke about the educational scholarship opportunities available to young Mozambicans in the form of the Irish Aid Fellowship programme.

 Gina cooking Irish stew on live TVM for SPD 2022


On Saturday 19 March, a group of international students, including one Irish, held an afternoon concert in solidarity with Ukraine, supported by the Embassy and attended by family, friends and members of the public. The group raised €365 for the ICRC Ukraine appeal.


For the grand finale of the 2022 St Patrick’s Day programme, the Embassy was delighted to partner with Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique for the greening of Maputo Central Station. In 2016, TIME magazine voted Maputo Central Station the third most beautiful railway station in the world. Looking at the picture below, it is clear to see why!

SPD Greening close up CFM railway station

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