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Inauguration of the Memorial for Covid-19 Victims in Mozambique

Inauguration of the Memorial for Covid-19 Victims in Mozambique

President of the Maputo City Council, Mr Eneas Comiche, inauguarated the memorial for the victims of Covid-19, co-funded by the Embassy.

On 7 April 2022, the Embassy participated in the official inauguration of a memorial for the victims of Covid-19, located at the walkway adjacent to the Embassy premises in Maputo. Mr Eneas Comiche, the President of the City Council (a partner in this project co-funded by the Embassy of Ireland) inaugurated the mural.

The memorial is one of the components of the Embassy’s ongoing partnership with Fundação Carlos Morgado. In addition to honouring and celebrating the lives of publicly known and anonymous victims of the pandemic, the renovation of the walkway has also helped to promote safety and security in the area.

28 portraits of Covid-19 victims from various walks of life and provinces of the country are painted in a brightly coloured mural, accompanied by a message from each of their families. The mural also celebrates the work of health professionals on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic. The painting of the mural and portraits involved 25 young volunteers (mainly students, young artists, activists, unemployed youth and homeless from the neighbouring area), led by the street artist and architect Sebastião Coana.

Close ups of COVID-19 memorial walkway mural

At the official inauguration, Deputy Head of Mission Paula Nolan stated the Embassy is proud to support this project which  incorporates important themes of youth, climate action, and protection, in what is an emotive and vibrant artistic tribute to celebrate the lives of those who passed away due to Covid-19.

DHOM Paula Nolan speaks at COVID-19 Memorial Walkway inauguration


The project is part of the ‘Txuna Maputo’ artistic movement. The movement carries out artistic interventions across the country, training young people for self-employment, in the areas of artistic, civil and advertising painting.

Urban paintings help to boost urban aesthetics, attract tourism, and contribute to community education in topics of social importance. Maputo is both more beautiful and safe with this poignant memorial mural. 

Painting of the Walkway Mural

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