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Irish Passport Online Photographer Guidelines

Photographers taking Passport Photos must be aware of some differences between taking photos for the existing postal based system and the new Passport Online service, which requires a file in digital format.

Always be clear which type of photograph your customers need:

  • For existing adult passport holders who are going to use the new Passport Online service, you should follow these guidelines for supplying them with their digital photo for their online application.
  • Children, all first time applicants or adults wishing to use the existing postal channels will need a paper photograph taken to the existing standards.

When providing the photograph

  • Make sure to leave some space around the head so that Passport Online can automatically crop the image when it is uploaded.
  • Don’t go too close around the head or crop the image too tightly.
  • Don’t go too far back, about mid torso is ok.
  • A colour photograph is required.
  • The digital photo provided for upload cannot be less than 715 pixels wide and 951 pixels high.
  • Provide the digital photo in JPEG file format for the customer to upload when making their online application.
  • There must be no compression, loss or compression artefacts in the JPEG.
  • Passport Online will not accept upload of a file larger than 9MB.

Passport Online Example Photo

Pose and Visual Aspects

  • Photos must be in sharp focus and correctly exposed.
  • Background must be plain and a light colour grey, white or cream.
  • Shadows from the head must not appear in the background.
  • Good colour balance and natural skin tones are essential.
  • Red eye in photographs is not acceptable.
  • Must not contain barrel or other distortion.
  • A clear contrast is needed between facial features and background
  • Forward facing and looking directly at the camera.
  • Digital enhancements or changes are not acceptable.
  • Subject must have a neutral expression, not smiling and with mouth closed.
  • The face must be in full view.
  • No headwear unless worn for religious purposes.
  • No hats, hood, scarf or hair accessories.
  • Hair should not hide any part of the face.
  • Sunglasses must not be worn.
  • Transparent glasses may be worn so long as the frames don't cover any part of the eye or cause glare or shadows.