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Every year, the Department of Foreign Affairs assists many Irish citizens who are deported from the country in which they are residing. Reasons for this include involvement in criminal activity, the end of a prison sentence, overstaying a visa, or actions which cause the loss of legal right to remain.

We offer non-judgemental and practical support in such situations, and seek to ease the bureaucratic burden for the individual concerned and their family. We do not make representations on the individual’s behalf for a deportation order to be overturned, and you should be aware that decisions by immigration authorities are generally final.

What we can do
• We can assist you to get information about detention or deportation arrangements.
• We can provide contact information for English-speaking local lawyers.
• We can provide families with information regarding the deportation, prison and legal arrangements in the country where their family member is detained.
• We can help you to maintain contact with friends and family and arrange for funds provided by them to be transferred safely and securely, subject to local authorities.
• We aim to ensure that you are not discriminated against as a foreign citizen.

What we can’t do
• We can’t interfere or impede the immigration decisions of local authorities, under any circumstances.
• We can’t pay for a legal defence or provide legal advice.

Emergency travel documentation

It’s important to note that our missions are obligated to issue travel documents to Irish citizens subject to deportation from their areas of accreditation, which is not reliant on the citizen’s express consent, in line with our commitments not to impede local immigration decisions.