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Emirates and Etihad flight announcement

A Chairde,

You may already be aware of the very positive announcement that Emirates will operate a limited number of flights to carry residents and visitors in the UAE who wish to return to their home countries from 6 April. Flights will initially operate from Dubai to London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich and Brussels.

These are commercial flights and bookings should be made directly with the airlines.

Demand may be high so you are advised to book as soon as possible.

Bookings can be made directly on the Emirates website

Etihad has also announced that it will start operating outbound passenger flights from Abu Dhabi from 5 April. Amsterdam is the only destination in the EU that has been announced so far.

Booking will be through the Etihad website 

As of 2 April, it is possible to get direct connecting flights to Dublin from London Heathrow, London Stanstead, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zurich. This is subject to change or cancellation. You should ensure you have an onward flight booking before boarding your flight in Dubai as some countries will only permit transit and leaving the airport may not be possible.

If you have been in contact with the Embassy in recent days about returning home, please let us know if you get a flight booking and/or depart the UAE so we can update our records.


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