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Renew or replace your adult passport

1. Overview

2. How to apply online

3. How long it takes

4. What it costs

5. Lost, stolen and damaged passports

6. Other ways to apply

7. Apply online now


Irish passports can be renewed from anywhere in the world using Passport Online. Irish adult passports, for citizens aged 18 and over, are valid for 10 years.

You can apply for a new passport if your passport is due to expire in the next 12 months.

If you have never had a passport before, or if your last passport was issued more than 15 years ago, you need to make a first-time application for an adult passport.

You can apply for a passport card along with your passport book when you apply online.

How to apply online

To apply using Passport Online you will need:

If the expiry date on your passport is more than 12 months away, you need to submit your current passport to the Passport Service, unless it has been lost or stolen.

An adult renewal does not usually require any additional supporting documents.

How to meet photo guidelines

How long it takes

Check the current turnaround times for the latest information.

Passport tracking service

You can check the status of your online application using the passport tracking service.

Urgent renewals

If you need your passport renewed urgently, we have an in-person Urgent Appointment Service for passport renewal. This is available at our Mount St, Dublin office, our Cork office and also our office in London.

Information on the Urgent Appointment Service for passport renewal.

What it costs

The cost of your passport depends on the way you apply for it and the type you choose, for example, standard or large.

When you apply using Passport Online:

  • a standard 10-year passport is €75
  • a large 66-page 10-year passport is €105
  • a standard passport plus Passport Card bundle is €100

There is an additional €15 postal fee if you live outside Ireland.

Read the full list of passport fees.

Lost, stolen and damaged passports

If your passport is lost or stolen, make an application for a new passport immediately using Passport Online. This is the fastest way to report your passport as lost or stolen and ensures that no one else can use it for travel.

You will need:

  • a digital photograph that meets the photo guidelines
  • credit or debit card
  • an email address
  • access to a printer

The online application will tell you of any other documents you may need to submit.

If your passport is lost, stolen or damaged while you are on holidays, you may need an emergency travel document to return home. You should contact your nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate for further details.

Damaged passport

If your passport has been damaged, you will need to return it when you are making an application for a replacement. If your passport is damaged, do not travel on it.

Read more on lost and damaged passport books and cards.

Other ways to apply

Passport Online is the fastest way to renew your passport. If you are living in Ireland, Northern Ireland or Great Britain and do not wish to apply online, you can apply using a paper passport form. In Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain, paper applications are submitted through the Post Passport service.

Apply online now

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Contact us

Read more on how to contact the Passport Service or see more guidance on making your application on our information hub.