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Update on New Lockdown Measures and COVID Vaccination Rollout

New Lockdown Measures:

In order to contain the rising rate of infections and increasing pressure on hospitals Bulgaria announces its third lockdown as of Monday, 22 March. Initially it is said to be for 10 days. Crèches and kindergartens, schools, and university students will switch to remote learning. Restaurants, gyms, shopping malls and shops larger than 300 sq.m., selling non-food items will also be closed. Holding cultural events will be prohibited in theatres, concert halls, galleries and cinemas. Mass outdoor public events will be prohibited, as will large gatherings of people such as congresses and seminars. No more than 15 people will be allowed at family gatherings. Sports events will take place without an audience, and one-way passage will be introduced at open-air markets, where mask-wearing and the observance of the 1.5 metre distance will be mandatory.

The Embassy advises people to follow local media for additional updates.


Ministry of Health announced that the country will resume vaccination with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine on Friday following a positive statement on its safety from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The electronic register for vaccinations will reopen. Registration for new users resumes on Saturday, 20 March at this address: People, who have registered for vaccination for the week in which the vaccination centres were closed will be automatically re-registered for the following week. They will be notified by an SMS or email for the new date and time of immunization through their chosen contact channel.

The Embassy is aware that in some cases, citizens have been unable to register or receive the vaccine. In these cases, this is due to limited supplies of the vaccine available. Unfortunately, the Embassy is unable to assist in these matters. The rollout of the vaccine is a matter for the Bulgarian authorities. We would advise you to stay in contact with your local GP for further updates.


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