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Vaccination against COVID-19 - Update

For those wishing to avail of the vaccine:

  • For those with health insurance, you can contact your general practitioner (GP), who is obliged to provide you with a vaccine and assign you a day and time in which to come tо the doctor's practice for receiving the shot.
  • For those without health insurance, you cannot book a date and time slot for vaccination through your GP. However, you may do so by contacting the Regional Health Inspectorate in charge of your city/town/village. A vaccine shot can also be received at any of the newly opened vaccination points. However, you should most likely expect to queue.

An electronic register is expected to be ready by the end of the month, in which everyone will be able to submit their application for inoculation. The number of vaccination points where citizens can be immunized against coronavirus infection has increased to 352 as of 23 February. The list of temporary vaccination points can be seen here.

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