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Important information for people seeking to travel to Ireland from Ukraine (English)

Visa exemption for Ukrainian nationals

The Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister), Mícheál Martin TD, announced on 24 February that Ireland would waive all visa requirements for Ukrainian nationals for travel to Ireland.

Ukrainian nationals planning to travel to Ireland can do so without a visa. This applies to all Ukrainian nationals, irrespective of their country of departure, i.e. it applies in full to travel from France to Ireland.

Travel documents

In order to facilitate those who have left Ukraine since the outbreak of the conflict, Ireland is taking a practical and humane approach to travel documents, while maintaining appropriate immigration and security controls.

Carriers have been asked to accept official identity documents for Ukrainian nationals in lieu of a national passport: for example, national identity cards, birth certificates, internal passports, or expired passports.

Al immigration services and airlines must, however, be satisfied of the identity of a person arriving at a border.

In addition, the Irish immigration authorities have requested that no one should be denied boarding without first contacting the immigration authorities in Ireland.

Visa requirements for non-Ukrainian nationals who have left Ukraine

Ireland’s visa waiver applies only to Ukrainian nationals. All other non-EEA nationals who are ordinarily subject to a visa requirement still need to apply for a visa, even if travelling from Ukraine or travelling with a Ukrainian national. You should not book your travel until you have a visa. You can find out if you need a visa to enter Ireland by consulting the list of visa-required nationalities here.

Visas for those who have left Ukraine will be granted only to immediate family members of Ukrainian nationals or Irish citizens. (De facto partners are equivalent to spouses for the definition of 'immediate family' in this context, but will be asked to provide evidence of their partnership.)

If you fall into this category, you should apply online here. When you complete your application, you should select either a single-entry ‘D Join Family’ visa or a ‘D Other’ visa.

When you have completed your online application, you should submit the following documents to the Embassy, either in person or by courier or registered post:

  1. Your passport
  2. Two (2) passport photographs
  3. Your application summary sheet, signed and dated
  4. Payment of €60
  5. Proof of your immediate family relation to a Ukrainian national (birth certificates, marriage certificate)
  6. Proof of residence in Ukraine (Ukrainian residency card, any other proof of residency, e.g. bank statements, utility bills)
  7. Proof that you have left Ukraine in the period since the outbreak of the conflict (if your passport has exit stamps from Ukraine, this is sufficient)

We are, of course, conscious of the extreme circumstances applicants who have fled Ukraine have left behind, and we will take a humane and pragmatic approach to these documentary requirements. The Embassy nevertheless reserves the right to request additional documentation if necessary to verify that individuals are eligible for protection under the EU Temporary Protection Directive.

While all applications from Ukrainian residents are being treated as urgent, applicants should nevertheless be aware that all visa applications require a minimum of 2-7 working days.

When your visa is granted, we will affix it to a page in your passport and return this to you.

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