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International Olympiad of Reading, Constanta, 1-5 September 2018

​Is there such a thing as competitive reading?

International Olympiad of Reading, Constanta, 1-5 September 2018

The International Olympiad of Reading encourages students to approach reading as a genuine source not just of pleasure and entertainment but for personal development and the learning of life skills. The competition includes literary and non-literary texts. The competition will also present the opportunity for young people to meet with and form friendships with young people from other cultures.

There are two sections which focus on the students’ age, reading competences and international standards:

a. The coaching section is intended for students aged 13 to 15 and aims to assess their reading and cultural awareness skills;
b. The proficiency section aims at students aged 15 to 19 and assesses reading, media and communication skills.

• Level 1 – coaching – students aged 13 – 15;
• Level 2 – proficiency – students aged 15 – 17;
• Level 3 – proficiency – students aged 17 – 19.

It is opened to the above-mentioned categories of students who:

• study World Literature formally (as part of compulsory/elective curriculum) or non-formally (Literature Clubs);
• fill in the application form and send it to the organizers by 1st of July 2018;
• have the application approved of by the organizers.

Time and Location:
Period – September 1st – 5th, 2018
Venue – Constanta
Organizers: Ministry of National Education – Romania

The travel expenses and the medical insurance are covered by the participants whereas the accommodation expenses during the Olympiad are incumbent upon the organizers.

More details and the application form are to be found http://toronto.mae.ro/en/local-news/1077.

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